19 July 2012 / ON THE ROAD
Hey guys :D
So here we go, the first real post of this blog! So excited! You'll forgive my abuse of exclamation points it's just that i use them a lot to emphasize the fact that I'm happy. I also abuse the word 'fuck' and all its derivatives when I'm pissed-off, so if I spill some milk on the floor at night and I don't wanna clean up and you happen to be there, you'll probably start to think that Gordon Ramsay has a cold and  is staying at my place. Anyways last weekend I went at the mountains with my elders and I stayed in this beautiful middle age bourg in our old house, full of books, dust and strange things to photograph. Of course also the landscapes were beautiful, it has been a very stimulating week end! So, tell me what you think about the pics and please follow :3


  1. Eccomi!!!!!!!! <3
    Se hai bisogno di qualche consiglio sono sempre a disposizione, scrivimi pure un messaggino su Facebook

  2. yaaay for the first post! :D pics are great!



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